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Native Plants support functioning Ecosystems

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The development of land throughout the United States has caused a loss of natural habitats for wildlife.  The biggest threat to birds in Georgia is habitat loss.  Natives plants are the best for providing food and habitat for wildlife.

Groundwater runoff from rain and irrigation washes chemicals and fertilizers into our streams, rivers and once in our waterways, these pollutants fuel the growth of excess algae, which clouds the water and threatens the health of all aquatic life.

One of the easiest ways for us to reduce our pollution contribution is to replace some of our lawn and typical landscapes with native plants. Native plants have occurred in our region for hundreds of years and are accustomed to local sun, soil, and climate.

By picking native plants that suit local conditions, you can reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizers, pesticides and watering. This also saves time and money. Native plants also provide food and cover for local wildlife like butterflies, birds, frogs, turtle and small mammals.

You can find native plants with the same shape, color, size or other characteristics as some of your favorite non-native plants to create attractive and more natural landscapes right in your own yard.

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